Tri-Iodine 12.5MG Capsules

Tri-Iodine 12.5MG capsules provide the body with three forms of beneficial iodine. With 12.5MG of total iodine in each capsule of EuroMedica brand Tri-Iodine, this daily supplement helps to support the function of the thyroid and immune structure. Thyroid health is important to the overall health of the body, and treatment with iodine supplements can help to restore proper health through a balance in iodine levels.

Tri-Iodine capsules are manufactured by EuroMedica and are free of artificial colors, dyes, and preservatives. In addition, Tri-Iodine contains absolutely no animal ingredients or by-products and use none in the manufacturing process. All EuroMedica products are produced in adherence with the Food and Drug Administration's Good Manufacturing Process guidelines.

The Importance of Iodine

Iodine is used in the body by the thyroid gland, which utilizes it to produce hormones. When the thyroid doesn't have enough natural iodine to work with, feedback systems throughout the body put increased pressure on the thyroid. This pressure can cause an enlargement of the thyroid gland, which causes a swollen, painful neck.

When the thyroid isn't working correctly due to low iodine, the effects can be felt throughout the body. Hormones produced regularly by the thyroid are responsible for regulation of mood, weight gain, and brain function, making it a vital part of overall health.

In addition to an enlarged thyroid, low levels of iodine can cause serious health risks. Low iodine can lead to infertility in women, can cause autoimmune disease of the thyroid and can increase the likelihood of developing thyroid cancer. Researchers believe that low levels of iodine might also increase the risks of developing prostate, breast, endometrial, and ovarian cancers.

Iodine supplements like those found in Tri-Iodine 12.5MG capsules are also used to help address skin disease caused by fungi, along with eye disease, diabetes, heart disease, and even stroke. Iodine can also be used as an expectorant, helping to clear mucus from the lungs, airways, trachea, and bronchi.

Buy EuroMedica brand Tri-Iodine 12.5MG capsules to support the health of your thyroid and body.

Supplementing with Iodine

Tri-Iodine 12.5MG capsules can be used to support the overall health of the thyroid, reducing the risk of dangerous side effects from an unhealthy level of iodine. Supplementing with iodine allows your thyroid to operate more efficiently, regulating hormonal imbalances. Along with encouraging better thyroid health, iodine supplementation can also help to balance body odors, increase energy, aid in digestion, and more.

Tri-Iodine supplements are taken daily, generally as one capsule a day with food to provide proper, balanced levels of iodine in the body.

Suggested Use:
Take 1 capsule daily with food, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.