Subscription FAQ and Contact US

How do I select when I would like my items to be shipped?

You can manage your subscriptions HERE.  Once logged in, you can suspend, change the date, or delete the subscriptions for each item.

Am I required to have an account in order to purchase items via subscription?

Yes, you must create an account on our secure store in order to create and manage subscriptions.

How do I cancel a subscription? 

 You can manage your subscriptions HERE, or if you prefer, you can call the office and we will be able to help you.

"One-Time Purchase" is selected, but its trying to create a subscription, why?

There is a glitch with our vendor software which requires you to click the radio button next to "One-Time Purchase" or else it may default to subscription.  Simply click the radio button, that may already be selected, and it should fix your issue. We are working to get this resolved, ASAP.


Office Phone:

Local: (816) 453-5545

Toll-Free: (800) 276-3844


Business Hours:

Mon: 9AM - 5PM  (lunch: Noon-1:20pm)

Tues: 8:30AM -5PM  (lunch: Noon-1:20pm)

Wed: Closed

Thurs: 8:30AM - 5PM  (lunch: Noon-1:20pm)

Friday: 8AM - NOON


Shipping Information:

FREE SHIPPING (USPS Priority) on all orders, no minimum puchase!

Orders usually ship within 24 hours on our business days.  

***Please note, that orders can not be changed after a shipping notification email has been sent out, because the order has already been packed and shipped.  If you need to modify your order before you have received a shipping notification, please call the office 1-800-276-3844.


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