FIBRO-CARE (120 tablets)


Now with 20% MORE Magnesium!

  • #1 Helpful supplement per the Fibromyalgia Network survey
  • Formulated with Albion Lab's patented chelated organic minerals
  • Absorbs 2.2 times more than citrate, 4 times more than oxide forms
  • Doctor recommended
  • A TyH exclusive formulation with glycine for energy, pain & sleep 
  • Helps decrease fatigue
  • Part of a successful placebo controlled, double-blind study 
  • "I was using another magnesium and malic acid product for several years, thinking they were all the same. When I tried Fibro-Care™ on some of my patients as a test, they felt better! I now give Fibro-Care™ exclusively to all my patients with great results." Mark J. Pellegrino, M.D.
    IT'S IMPORTANT to make sure you are taking enough magnesium. One Fibro-Care™ is not likely to do it. A suggested formula is to take 2.5 - 4.5 mg per pound of body weight for normal individuals. Loose stools do not necessarily mean you are getting too much magnesium. You could simply be taking too much too fast. Start low (90 mg) and slow (one per meal).
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