(Book) Staying Clean and Sober, Merlene Miller, MA and David Miller, PhD


Have you or someone close to you struggled with addiction? Since addiction is largely a disease of the brain, the biochemical imbalances associated with addiction create chronic symptoms that often lead to relapse. This means that staying sober can require living with emotional, mental and physical pain-unless proper brain chemistry is restored. In this new edition of their award-winning book Staying Clean & Sober, addiction recovery experts Merlene and David Miller detail their groundbreaking approach to relapse prevention, as well as describe and evaluate other alternative addiction treatments. The Millers explain how certain amino acids and nutrients, combined with other alternative therapies and education, can result in sustained recovery rates of 80 percent or higher. In a straightforward and reader-friendly style, Staying Clean & Sober offers a new understanding of addiction, and ultimately new hope

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