[BOOK] Feelings Buried Alive Never Die



Discover why "Feelings Buried Alive Never Die..." Learn why you feel the way you feel. Understand the impact feelings have on all aspects of your life. Your Journey to finding who you really are begins with the first chapter. You can establish peace, abundance, and health as you resolve negative feelings and fill your life with the goodness that you choose.

Editorial Reviews

Dr. John Brimhall
Feelings Buried Alive Never Die...is on of the best books I've ever read for changing lives. We recommend it to almost all of our patients. I have to order these books in case lots
Dr. Joseph Mercola
While quite a number of books have stressed the importance of feelings, many stop there, filling the rest of their pages with fluff. Truman's book, on the other hand, is packed with intriguing and useful information. For instance, among a number of other insights, she provides a very interesting chart on "Probable Feelings Causing Illness" that covers well over 200 illnesses.
Lorin Beller
"For anyone interested in attaining inner peace, which translates directly to more confidence and better personal and business decisions, this book and the 'Script' are vital. The clients I coach quickly improve their lives as they eliminate stale life patterns. Clear your roadblocks, choose abundance, and open your future."

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