To nurture the Urinary system.

Cranberry/Buchu Concentrate [Urinary]. Scientific studies have concluded that cranberry juice contains substances that affect the urinary tract by interfering with the adhesion of potentially dangerous microbes to the urinary tract lining. NSP combines cranberry juice concentrate with buchu herb concentrate. Buchu helps nourish the urinary tract. Its powerful, penetrating aroma is akin to peppermint.
Careful processing reduces the liquid to a concentrated powder before encapsulation. NOTE: Do not take this concentrated formula in conjunction with uva ursi.


Active Ingredients

Each capsule contains a blend of Cranberry juice conc and Buchu herb (870mg)


Take 1 2 capsules three times daily with 8 oz. pure water.
Children: Take 1 capsule twice daily. Use daily to help maintain a healthy urinary tract.

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