Good cardiovascular health is the number-one priority for Americans today. Your cardiovascular system is comprised of millions of cells that must be properly nourished and energized in order to function properly. Poor nutrition, age, and trauma may adversely affect the function of these cells. And after years of high LDL values, cholesterol can slowly build up atherosclerotic plaques in the vascular system.

Science is increasingly recognizing that supplementation is essential for promoting cardiovascular health and that diet alone may not provide some of the nutrients that are so important in maintaining cardiovascular well-being. Taken regularly, the Cellular Essentials Pack provides the building blocks for a healthy cardiovascular system.

A potent mixture of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids, Cellular Essentials has both water- and fat-soluble forms of vitamin C—exerting its antioxidant properties in both the blood and fat particles in the vasculature.

The pack includes:

Cardio-Basics®, a balanced mix of important nutrients and antioxidants, combined to help maintain healthy muscle and heart function, help prevent free-radical damage to cells, promote proper circulatory functions, and supply oxygen to the body to promote endurance.

Bio-C™, a high-potency vitamin C dietary supplement, formulated to help the collagen production necessary for optimal cardiovascular function, protection and repair of cells, and healthy immune function.

The Cellular Essentials Pack is helpful for people with elevated risk for heart disease due to life style, people with elevated risk for heart disease due to family history, and people with established atherosclerotic plaque.